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Mental Game Coaching

Jill Quek Certified MGCP, Singapore


Jill Quek has more than a decade of coaching experience and is a well-known athlete in the floorball scene. Through Mental Game Coaching, she has helped her athletes overcome their mental challenges, improve their game and produce outstanding results. Jill actively inculcates values and promotes character development through sports to develop a champion mindset both on and off court. Her coaching experience ranges from youth development to national athletes. She received a prestigious ‘Coach Recognition Award’ in 2007 for her outstanding contribution to the Floorball scene.

Jill was headhunted to play for top clubs in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. She emerged as Foreign Most Valuable Player during her playing stint in the Finland Women Elite Floorball League, 4 times ALL-Star Centre in the World Floorball Championships and Captain her National Team. Jill’s talent in sports extends beyond Floorball to other sports such as Soccer, Inline Hockey and Ice Hockey where she represented the country on an International level.


With her experience both as a coach and competitive athlete, she has insightful knowledge of holistic skills when coaching athletes and teams. Her coaching philosophy encompasses a triangle of coaching the Body, Mind and Spirit to excel in sports. Jill strongly advocates that Mental Game Coaching is a lifelong skill that will equip athletes with the performance edge and confidence to overcome challenges.

Our Custom Designed Workshop will help you OR your team:


  Uncover the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that are stunting your Physical Performance

  Implement Mental Game Strategies customized for the specific needs of you or your team

  Reveal the Triggers that can help you enter the zone and stay there longer

  Develop a Championship attitude

  Improve Team Cohesion and Teamwork








What people are saying about Jill Quek


“ Coach Jill has been an inspirational figure that guides us and supports us. Besides focusing on physical and skill capabilities she has placed emphasis on mental and emotional development that has been key to our growth as a player and team. “

“ WE ARE ONE LEVEL UP OUR COMPETITORS. Mental game coaching gave us common ground of understanding between players, in terms of how to approach and prep for the game, how to define success, how to LOVE LIFE BEYOND FLOORBALL :) “ 


“ Coach Jill has motivated the team well and bonded the team together via encouragements. She has prepared us for the games mentally well through enforcing our process goals. “ 


“ Mental coaching has allowed me to have more confidence in myself and that we should learn to have no expectations and focus on what to do well one step at a time in order to play the game without distractions. “